Why We Started Ask A Sister

With the experience of my father and the personal difficulties this brings, I am committed to helping others achieve independent living.

Ask A SisterJayne worked as a Rehabilitation Assistant at Chippenham Hospital, Wiltshire, for 15 years. During this period she worked with people of all ages, with a wide range of difficulties, like mobility and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, recovering stroke patients, amputees and people with balance problems. She worked on a team aiding people with chronic breathing problems, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma, helping to educate and exercise them, both aiding self management of their conditions. She has also provided home visits and support in the community long after discharge from hospital. Through the British Lung Foundation and the Breathe Easy charity, she helped establish monthly meetings to encourage social interaction, which is all about forgetting your illness and making friends, something not always as easy as it sounds at a certain age and handicapped with health issues.

Lisa, Jayne's sister, spent much of her adult years as support for our parents, at the same time raising a family, and working in pre-school. Without her cheerful, can do approach to things there would be no Sister to ask and my parents lives would have been much less fulfilled. Her enthusiasm for making people happy is insurmountable, and her skills in decorating gardening and getting stuck into challenges is inspiring to us all.

The Goal!

Is to be of help, and to aid people here in South Devon with independent living in their own homes. To support them and help to achieve a quality of life that they will enjoy. To be flexible and on hand as and when needed, to do our level best to provide a good service across a range of tasks that for some may cause anguish or worry. We are happy to do some cleaning or cooking, or simply to be a friend like a sister would. To offer to share the load a little and bring peace of mind when the family are far away, or if they need a little extra help to manage. To gather and share useful information of the local services in the community, or events that are of benefit. We do not feel a need to provide nursing or specific personal care as this is very well supported in the area, although we are happy to bring this within your reach as needs dictate.


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Your peace of mind is always our concern.

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