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What is Personalisation and Direct Payments all about?

Direct Payments are all about choice and control for you, enabling you to source help from a choice of providers!

Direct Payments can be used to purchase any service that you have been assessed as needing by Care Direct, within Devon County Council. These services include:-

  • the services of a personal assistant
  • live-in care
  • short term breaks
  • respite care
  • day activities and enabling in the community
  • other defined day services such as - attending a day centre for activities and a lunch

How does this work?

Following your assessment by Care Direct you will be offered a choice of receiving the agreed services under a managed budget and care provided by Devon County Council, or combined budget, which is part provided by DCC and the rest by a payment direct to you that can be used to acquire services locally. When you receive a direct payment this is sent to a new bank account so as to make the balancing of the money you spend on your services easily manageable.

Personalisation and Direct Funding is intended to give you the choice of how and from where you receive the services you need to aid independent living.

Fire Safety Checks

Regular and proper fire safety checks are vitally important for continued safe living in your own home. This time of year it is even more important.

As we get older, our senses may lose some of their original sharpness, making it harder to detect a fire before it has a chance to spread. If you have mobility issues it is wise to think about the quickest route out of your house in case of emergency, by making sure there are no blockages or clutter along the way.

All properties should have smoke detection. Make sure you have at least one smoke alarm fitted on each floor. Get them checked regularly and at least once a month have them checked and cleared of any dust. Make sure the batteries have full power, changing them once per year is good practice and they cost little.

Try to ensure you never plug more appliances into extension sockets than safe. These things do have loading limits, so never exceed them. Always remember to turn off appliances before going to bed or leaving the property for any length of time.

If you have any concerns, always consult you local Fire Officer or specialist companies for guidance.


These brief notes were provided courtesy of Westcountry Fire Protection Limited

Disclosure checks and insured

Your peace of mind is always our concern.

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